iSAIRR Directors

  • Chin-Tu Chen, Ph.D.
    Scientific Co-Director
    Associate Professor
    Department of Radiology
  • Brian B. Roman, Ph.D.
    Scientific Co-Director
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Radiology
  • Leoni Lara, Ph.D.
    Technical Director
    (773) 834-3968

About us

iSAIRR is a synergistically integrated infrastructure that offers a broad spectrum of imaging modalities, techniques, and services for in vivo imaging of small animals and ex vivo imaging of tissue/organ specimens. Our goal is to provide University of Chicago investigators and external users with state of the art, quantitative multi-modality imaging technologies to advance in-vivo molecular and physiological research of a broad range of disease and cancer models, and to accelerate pre-clinical development of novel therapeutics and diagnostic tools. Currently, iSAIRR sub-cores feature magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy (MRIS); optical imaging (bioluminescence and fluorescence); positron emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, and computed tomography (PET/SPECT/CT); and veterinary technology (IVT).

iSAIRR comprehensive services include:

Assistance with experimental design
Assisted and/or independent image acquisition
Veterinary support for all imaging modalities
Assistance with data processing and interpretation


Potential internal and external users are encouraged to contact us to discuss their imaging needs.

The Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource is partially supported by funds from the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center from the National Cancer Institute.